Best Ivy League Tutor Project


Ivy League tutoring is an authorized provider of online teaching services. It offers customized, interactive and specially created courses in Arithmetic, English, Science and Reading for students of K-12 grades. This Ivy League tutoring concept is not offered as a replacement for conventional classroom learning. To the contrary, it’s an especially crafted, supplementary course concept, which offers students a greater personal attention than what a conventional classroom can offer. This helps in identifying the specific problems and issues of each and every student, thereby providing a wholesome educational experience that is prompt and efficient.


Ivy League teachers take care of each and every student by observing their activities closely, by implementing tested and proven methods of teaching. These teachers match the programs according to the learning programs. As opposed to conventional classroom teaching, where all students are tutored with the same pattern or syllabi, their courses give a standard-based and self-paced approach to effective learning. To achieve this, all students are given basic assessment tests which deduce and pave the way for creating the most appropriate lesson plan for their individual needs. The lessons are given in a soft-form, through CDs or through the web, which can be accessed by the students using a computerized interface. Besides this, the students can track their progress at any point of time.


The start of the course is given by introducing and fully explaining the concept of the subject by using relevant examples and illustrations to understand. This is followed by a non-graded mock-test and a graded mastery text. After all of this is done, students write an essay that shows how well they understand the subject matter. The syllabus is measured at any point of time. By using supplementary devices such as the whiteboard technology, which helps in their courses work out problems and draw diagrams like in a real chalkboard, Ivy League tutoring will help in creating the connect between the tutor and the student which is vital for progress. This eliminates the worry of the delayed responses to and from the tutor or the students via email.


All of the teachers are experienced, show adaptability and catch up with the students’ needs to learn. The tutors need to be well qualified and should go through an intense screening to ensure that they are (1) experts in their disciplines, and (2) are able to communicate complex information in the simplest form. Students who are looking for a college entry gain a lot from the experiences their tutors give them. Their concept emphasizes in matching students with tutors after a clear assessment of personality, skill level and other parameters. Based on the comfortable mindset and the climate of the situation around the students, tutors are paired with. This could even include matching a student based on the particular hobby he/she holds with a particular teacher who has skills in the same hobby. As the entire courses rely on the comfortable learning of students, the collective happiness of students, tutors and management is required.



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